Spring Break Snapshot

Like a snapshot, this tumblr captures a moment in time: the 2014 spring break experience for 12 students in a media class at SUNY Oswego.
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"retsulc moorhsum sucof fo tuo"

does this photograph seem to be in motion!?

what is it a photograph of?

read the “title” backwards!


Dear Photograph,
Though I am taller than you now, I look up to you still as I did nearly twenty years ago.

Thought it was cool that they posted this photograph for so many people to see!

I barely saw this little red squirrel through the branches while walking trails.

This is a picture of my big brother Eric. I didn’t plan on using this picture for the project but it has a lot of meaning behind it. He’s the reason I’m where I am today. Though he isn’t my biological brother but instead my big brother in my fraternity he has been a role model of who I strive to be one day. He is a great president, great big brother, and a great person in general.

My little sister Mia. She’s my goddaughter and my pride and joy. Being 14 years older than her I feel as if I’ve been a second father to her. When I go home it might not be for long but I take pride in being there whenever I can be for her.

When it’s chicken patty’s or quesedillas everyday in Oswego lobster is a must have when being home

Not “When in Rome” but when in NYC you never know when you’ll get close with someone you never knew before

Some people weren’t ready to say goodbye to each other for a week

My young cat, Nugget, lounging on the bed

A quick stop by one of my favorite mexican restaurants for lunch 

Another day in the life 

#Light #LaShomb

#light #LaShomb

Driving back to Oswego after work on a late Sunday night.